FoxGirl Token

FoxGirl Mission

The vision for FoxGirl and our community.
Mission: To build the most popular NFT platform, develop the biggest game in crypto history, and program exciting utility and new products. We'll push through the crypto market into the mainstream markets and share FoxGirl with the entire world. We want our work to radiate passion, excitement, joy, and even a few tears. Goals: To deliver the highest quality products, NFTs, artwork, animations, video games and entertainment while trespassing into the domain of the gods (couldn't help the Vegeta quote 😁). We are perfectionists, and we only want to provide and deliver the best while working with the best to build an exciting and useful platform/token. Expand: We believe it's important to always think outside the box, so our team is always discussing new and never before done ideas. With the Cryptocurrency market and NFT market being in such an early phase, it's a must for us to approach everything with an inventor mindset. Community: One of the most amazing parts of crypto is how easily you can encounter so many helpful and brilliant community members. We always want to learn and grow and so should everybody in this space. We hope to build a well-educated community for FoxGirl that is always ready to share ideas, learn, contribute, and grow with us. Dream Goals: FoxGirl Anime 🎨 Console Games 🎮