FoxGirl Token

NFT Farming

The new explosive take on farming, it should be fun right?!
FoxGirl NFT Farming will keep our community engaged, excite NFT collectors, bring actual fun to farming, and reward true collectors with massive reflections and earnings in FoxGirl Tokens. We will have 4 unique farms with different conditions for each farm that will auto activate as you acquire FoxGirl NFTs so you can worry more about collecting and owning your FoxGirls and not staking your Fox Girls over and over again. The carefully designed structure of our farms along with our innovative NFT Tracking and auto-staking features will provide each of our NFTs with major value on our Marketplace as every NFT will have an impact on your Farming potential within each of the 4 farms. As the FoxGirl brand grows, we believe our NFT farms will be completely unrivaled in the potential for insane earnings. You can review each of the 4 farms below and on our official NFT Farming page.
  • 50% of all NFT sales go to farming FoxGirl Tokens.
  • 4% of our total tax also goes to farming FoxGirl Tokens.
  • Farming tax will increase to 6%, 8% and 10% as our MC grows!
Spirit Farm 25% of your farm earnings are determined by your total spirit energy level. This includes all the NFTs you have in your possession showcasing your raw FoxGirl power. When you are active in this FoxGirl farm or any farm below, you will see a green "On" label by the farm name. Pack Farm 25% of your farm earnings are determined by your total spirit energy level from the current and previous two NFT Packs. This pool automatically updates to the new NFT Pack as soon as it's released, removing the previous 3rd oldest Pack from the active farming state. Collector Farm 25% of your farm earnings are determined by collecting every NFT available. 80% of this farm is reserved for collectors that acquire at least 1 of every single NFT. 20% is accessible to anyone with at least 1 of every common, uncommon, and rare NFT. You will be auto removed from this pool if you do not yet have a new NFT in your possession 24 hours after its release. This does not apply to active NFT Packs until their sale ends and the Pack's NFTs are added to the marketplace. Earnings are split evenly between everyone that is successful in joining the Collector Farm pools. Senpai Farm 25% of your earnings are determined by having the correct NFTs in your possession. This updates every month to a new list of 5 NFT standards. If your wallet matches them all, the Senpai Farm will be automatically activated for you. A green check by the condition means your wallet matches the NFT requirement and a red X means it does not. Over time the Sepai Farm will become more difficult to join for non-collectors. Earnings are split evenly between everyone that is successful in joining the Senpai Farm every 30 days.
---------------------------- Each NFT collection will have its own Spirit Energy Level which can be seen on the NFT's page and within your portfolio once you acquire an NFT. Below you can review the Spirit Energy potential of each rarity. Rarity Spirit Energy Common: 2-5 Energy Uncommon: 10-25 Energy Rare: 50-250 Energy Legendary: 500-2500 Energy Mythical: 9999-999999 Energy Your Farming Page:
Your real wallet and NFT farming data will not show on this page until we get closer to releasing FoxGirl NFT Farming. The page is currently only a demo display of what's coming and shows how it will all work so our community and collectors can get well prepared.
Farming release date will be announced soon!