True On-Chain NFTs

Why our NFTs are NFTs done right!

People are generally not aware that most NFT projects are not fully stored On-Chain. That is the case with most BSC NFTs as well. Knowing this, we made sure Foxgirl NFTs will be forever stored completely On-Chain with Arweave (a permanent fully decentralized storage network). Our NFTs will be instantly visible on the BlockChain and will appear in your wallet as soon as you add the NFT token to the wallet giving you immediate comfort that you are now the official owner of the NFTs you purchased. On the marketplace, as soon as you purchase any FoxGirl NFTs, they will instantly show up in your portfolio and your dashboard with a beautiful/intuitive layout that makes it fun to grow your collection. Our On-Chain NFT's will always and forever be there unlike with many NFT projects that don't host their NFTs permanently On-Chain. Using any other method means with time or bad luck, your NFTs and the NFT assets will be gone forever, 0 value. These 2 articles will help everyone better understand why most NFTs are not permanent and why FoxGirl NFTs are NFTs done right.

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